finding you…

In the search to discover myself I take many different paths and make countless choices. On this voyage, I detour endless times and have to back peddle and try different directions. In the end though – I would rather attempt and “fail” then stay idle with no growth. Even if the growth comes from the experience itself rather than the tangible outcome. The “failures” become my successes. All of the trials and tribulations that I encounter shape me and continue to help me hone in on who I am really am at my center….what makes me happy and fulfilled, what provides me purpose and satisfaction, nourishment, love….what continues to feed my soul. Remember to take a leap (even just a baby step)…..and remember that nothing you do is finite. There will always be another way, another road to embark on, another option ahead. It will never not be scary and there will always be people that try and keep you back. They tend to be the ones that are afraid to move forward themselves. You will be better for having tried and will most definitely be more complete because of the journey.

finding you

friendship detoxing…

Tomorrow begins the New Year and I’m reminded of a useful article I read a few years back that still sits with me today.  I’ve seen lots of posts lately on detoxing and cleansing (for the New Year) and I too have one up my sleeve that I’ll probably write about in a few days.  BUT for now – the post (attached here) focuses on the reassessment of friendships and figuring out if they are healthy or unhealthy for us to keep.  What to do with those damn toxic friends who continue to bring us down????   Do we need to detox and cleanse from them??  Some good advice from one of my favorite blogs

best friends

heart of india….

Ok… blog officially is working. I think? I’m a virgin blogger so this is my first go at this….so the first few posts may be spotty. But bear with me…I’m a quick learner and my wife is a tech genius (thank god)!  I share this photo with you because I just came back from India and although I’d love to say I shot this photo (photography class to come in 2013), I didn’t…..and it is just TOO beautiful not to share.  The color, the light, the focused hands and the shape they are making…a heart.  This country needs a little bit more heart right now so this is my way of putting mine into the world today.