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Since the Loyal Hana x Your Soul Style trunk show was such a huge success, we’ve decided to do it all over again on February 4th from 4pm – 7pm, this time including Lexie boutique and baby brand Tane (Vida wore their organic kimono onesie home from the hospital – the best!). While the event will definitely be mama-friendly, Lexie curates gorgeous RTW pieces from brands like LNA, MIH and Nanushka for whether you’re having a babe, recently had a babe or just ARE a babe. And Loyal Hana makes the hippest maternity/nursing friendly clothing around. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner so let love lead you right into Lexie’s doors and come meet us for drinks, shopping and 15% off all brands and services from me. Can’t wait to see you there! Details on the above invite.

yss x loyal hana trunk show

jenny greenstein

I’m super excited to announce that I’ll be co-hosting a trunk show with my go-to breastfeeding-friendly clothing brand, Loyal Hana! I can’t say enough amazing things about this brand (see: Closet Cleanse collaboration and my instagram posts), and being an exclusively breastfeeding mama myself, these are the items that I’ve been living in. Not only super functional for my lifestyle, but ridiculously stylish too. I mean, seriously – could this jumpsuit be any cooler? Perfect “from the bump, to the boob and beyond.” Loyal Hana will be offering a 25% off promo on their collection, and I’ll be offering 15% off my pre/post natal styling package! Come say hi, and shop the goods. Details below!

EVENT: Your Soul Style x Loyal Hana Trunk Show (babies welcome!)

WHEN: Wednesday, December 2nd

TIME: 3pm – 7pm

WHERE: 20 East 9th Street (between University & 5th), Apt 12-O

jenny greenstein jenny greenstein jenny greenstein

yss x loyal hana: closet cleanse!

loyal hana

A few weeks back, I featured the brand Loyal Hana in a Style The Bump: 32 Weeks post. I was wearing one of their epic nursing-friendly maternity dresses, and discussed the features and benefits of why this silhouette works so well during postpartum life. Loyal Hana is a brand that understands womens needs from both a practical and emotional perspective. While creating pieces that are functional to ease life once your new babe arrives, the line is simultaneously beautiful, chic and super stylish. Since I firmly believe in prioritizing personal style through the entire pregnancy process (and always!), I’m super passionate about the company and stand with the brands design goals which emphasize practicality paired with style! It’s no surprise that one of the brands partners, Julia Eisenstein, understands this mission so well too since she herself recently gave birth to daughter Beatrice 6 months ago. Julia says, “It was incredibly important to nurse my daughter Beatrice. With my son we had trouble at the beginning and the fear of him not gaining weight led me to pump a lot. I knew that in order to succeed I’d need to feel comfortable nursing wherever I was. Loyal Hana made this possible for me. I could get dressed every morning in something that felt pretty and in line with my taste. My favorite Loyal Hana piece on these warm days is hands down the Cybelle Dress, the leave print makes me happy. When you’re nursing, dresses are almost impossible. If you need to feed your baby while out, you have to hike up your dress and show everyone your tush. With the Loyal Hana zippers, the dress is super easy to nurse in and so comfortable.” Julia proves to be living Loyal Hana’s philosophy from ‘the belly to the boob and beyond.”

loyal hana loyal hana loyal hana

With all that said, Julia and I decided to join forces for a special Your Soul Style x Loyal Hana Postnatal Closet Cleanse collaboration! While Julia refused to fall down the rabbit hole of self-neglect as she engages in motherhood for the second time around, she hadn’t explored the entirety of her wardrobe in many months, and was determined to get things in order. According to Julia, “The idea of a closet cleanse was so appealing to me because I felt lost in my closet. Clothes worn in-between my two children when I was spending energy on my body were completely out of the question. My pregnancy wardrobe has survived two babies and needed to be discarded. I was wearing a handful of clothes that I didn’t even bother to put away after the laundry. It was just the same thing every day. I had a generous walk-in closet filled with clothes I was holding onto for after I lost the baby weight or for sentimental purposes. I was most excited to cleanse to part with the baggage, the history, start fresh.” My goal with Julia as it is with all of my postnatal clients was to get her personal style situated for life with a toddler (her son Jonah is 3) and now Beatrice. As I discussed in my Postnatal Style Coaching interview with Well Rounded New York, women typically neglect this area once there is a new baby to contend with. It’s common for moms to lose sight of their own needs, and rely on what’s comfortable and easy. Julia hadn’t evaluated her closet in over a year, and with Beatrice now 6 months old, it was time to get down and dirty, and cleanse! While she is fortunately stocked with those amazing pieces from Loyal Hana, it was time to look at everything else. So we rolled up our sleeves, dove in and broke it all down.

loyal hana jenny greenstein

After a brief conversation evaluating the current state of Julia’s closet, we established a plan of action and began going through each individual item while I presented questions like, “does this fit?”, “when is the last time you wore this?”, and “do you even like this anymore?”. We simultaneously tried on and evaluated pieces she was unsure of to decide whether they were a yay or nay. While working through, Julia was not only able to see what had been unknowingly tucked away in her closet, but determined what still fit (literally and figureatively), and what as Marie Condo says in The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, “sparked joy”. I supported her while she let go of items that weren’t working in order to make room for newness, and we established a brand new baseline to build upon. One that made sense for her mom-of-two lifestyle, body and personal taste.

Julia Eisenstein julia eisenstein

Upon completion, Julia’s haphazardly organized closet was merchandised in a way that made sense. We pulled things together not only by category, but by color too which allowed for new perspective. The detox created a much lighter jumping off point and her closet was now filled with things she loved, made sense, helped her feel good and fit! We ended up with a ginormous bag full of items for donation, and a list of suggestions on what to buy to fill in the gaps. According to Julia, “The cleanse was everything I thought it would be. Jenny has a calmness to her that put me right at ease. There is nothing about her that feels rushed, and she takes her time working slowly but efficiently. Having someone there whose style I trusted was so helpful. We went through all the clothes I had collected and held onto for years. I was finally able to part with the look of the younger me, the night out shirts and the bridesmaids dresses. And I found pieces I used to love but had lost in the piles of clothes I didn’t wear. When Jenny left my closet felt inviting and warm, color coded, with everything for the upcoming spring and summer season right in my eyes view.”

loyal hana loyal hana loyal hana

It was an incredible pleasure partnering up with Julia and Loyal Hana on this project. If you are looking for your own Closet Cleanse, check out my services page for details and reach out to connect with me at Thank you to Julia and the Loyal Hana team for a great collaboration, and be sure to head on over to Loyal Hana to check out the brands amazing stylish collection of nursing friendly clothes!

style the bump: 32 weeks

style the bump

Today marks the official first day of my 8th month. WOW! I cannot believe it. I keep saying we are in a ‘home stretch situation’, but with every passing week this statement grows truer! T-minus 8 weeks, and that’s if this baby boo even comes on time. As we know, she can be early or like typical first babies, late! We shall see. My official due date is July 13th.

Now that I’m in my third trimester, I’ve faced a few new style challenges since my belly is getting pretty big. I continue to browse non-maternity stores, trying to find as many dresses as possible without seams along the waistline. Dresses as I’ve said, have become my best friend, even more-so now that it’s warm. I’ve also started thinking about postpartum attire since my body will take time to bounce back, and I have intentions to breastfeed. I want items that are comfortable, but also fashionable. From first hand experience working with my postnatal clients, I know I’ll be tired, and know I’ll want things to be easy, but like I always tell them, I’m not willing to throw in the towel when it comes to personal style. Taking care of yourself is critical to maintaining a healthy self- image, and overall state of well-being.

Which brings me to this amazing dress that I’m wearing by Loyal Hana, the best thing that’s ever happened to postnatal style. You would never guess by looking at it that it was made specifically for breastfeeding mamas. I have done my fair share of research on maternity brands that take into consideration access to feeding, and it’s slim pickings out there when it comes to fashion. While I feel like I’ve gotten my bump style on lock, breastfeeding-wear has been a whole new area to explore. And then I found the genius-ness of Loyal Hana which is why this Style The Bump: 32 Weeks post is dedicated to them! This black & white dress is not only comfortable, cool and ultra chic, but will also take me as they say, “from the bump, to the boob and beyond!” Strategically placed zippers are invincible to the naked eye (try and find them in these photos. I bet you can’t!), and discretely open to allow for ease of feeding (see image for reference). No more fussing with straps or exposing your entire boob! All you have to do is unzip.

So there you have it mama friends. Staying fashionable and functional simultaneously is an option when wearing Loyal Hana and will help you feel “confident and beautiful” while ensuring your little one is getting the best of the best. It’s a win-win for both mama and babe! Head over to the Loyal Hana site to check out their full line. You will love, I promise. PS: Coming this week, there will be a jumpsuit! Oh yeah!

jenny greenstein jenny greenstein jenny greenstein jenny greenstein jenny greenstein jenny greenstein jenny greenstein jenny greenstein jenny greenstein

SHOP IT: dress: LOYAL HANA // jacket: old (similar) // shoes: old (similar) // clutch: CLARE VIVIER // choker: india (similar)

photos via jonica moore