spotlight: maya traditions

maya traditions

I’m super excited about today’s spotlight feature on Maya Traditions for three reasons: the first being that I am bringing awareness to an organization whose focus is on the empowerment of women, tradition, and sustainability, the second because the handmade items they create are absolutely beautiful (and I want one of everything), and the third because now is your chance to get involved, help and in return score some of their epic goods along the way!

maya traditions

I connected with Maya Traditions through friends over at Tribe Alive, and like other brands/companies I feature through Your Soul Style, this non-profit social enterprise is using fashion as a platform to improve life conditions, effect change and deliver goodness to the world. As one of the pioneers of the fair trade business model, Maya Traditions “is dedicated to facilitating access to national and international markets for Maya backstrap weaver artisans and their families in the highlands of Guatemala.” Through the production of handmade home goods and accessories, these women are given access to opportunities with fair trade wages, maintaining the tradition of backstrap weaving, and a sustainable future. The merchandise is sold through small businesses and retailers around the world and 100% of the profits are re-invensted back into the company in order to continue the growth and development of its social programs. The organization has provided access to over 120 indigenous women by preserving local culture and “strengthening entrepreneurial ecosystems”. Take a further glimpse into these women’s lives through a video that demonstrates what Maya Traditions is all about.

maya traditions maya traditions

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