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This Summer has reinforced how much I love (and need to be by) the sea.  It recharges, reboots, and (literally and figuratively) washes my stress away.  I’m certain it’s because I entered the universe on July 1st and am a Summer baby.  Living on the east coast provides easy access to water, but the concrete jungle can sometimes make it feel far, even if this concrete jungle is an island no less.  We try and take advantage of all beach-going opportunities, but no matter the amount, it’s never enough.  With that being said, the beach is on the agenda for Sunday, and I’ll be heading back to Montauk come Monday for mini getaway.  What are you doing this beautiful August weekend?  I hope it’s something good that makes you as happy as the ocean makes me.  Cheers to the beach!  And to Summer!

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I just read an article called “The Brain Acquatic” in Psychology Today about how being near water can boost happiness and contribute to a positive attitude.  On many levels, I already know this to be true (the second my body is within five minutes of the beach, I immediately decompress), but to have scientific data that supports my pre-existing theory is supremely validating.  Maybe we should really consider giving up city life and moving to the beach, huh?  Now that the experts have weighed in and all.



DSC_0526 montauk

We were in Montauk a few weeks back for a long weekend of surf, sea, sand and sunsets, and for the first time since living in NYC, I was truly ready to give up on an urban lifestyle to live out my fantasy as a beach gal.  We arrived early in the day on Friday and couldn’t get to the beach fast enough.  We laid low and slowly began to take it all in.  Friday night hit all the pleasure centers, with live music at Surf Lodge, followed by a most epic dinner at The Crow’s Nest.  Watching the sun go down, listening to the drumbeat – I kicked off my shoes, closed my eyes, sipped my cocktail and for lack of a better word, was feeling it.  I grew up on Long Island, but never thought of it as “island’y”.  Montauk however, immediately transports you to that zen place.

DSC_0262 jenny greenstein

Saturday we were up early and grabbed a quick bite at Naturally Good Foods & Cafe along with a coffee from Tauk before heading to Ditch Plains beach so Dina could surf.  Whether you’re looking for family fun, a dip in the ocean, stand-up paddle or surfing – Ditch Plains has got it going on.  If you skipped on breakfast, coffee and snacks are available at the stationed food trucks.  I loved watching Dina take her board and fearlessly jump in the frigid water, ready to catch some waves.  A true inspiration always, she teaches me that you are never too old to learn how to do anything!  I was perfectly content sitting on our beach blanket, watching the water glisten off the rocks, and enjoying the positive vibes around me.  The balance of the day was spent by our hotel, The Beach Comber, which is located on Old Montauk Highway.  We decided to stay here because it lands you on a quiet stretch of beach less crowded then the hotels that are located in the center of town.  There is no public parking close to the beach entrance so its inhabitants are either from the small hotels or live close by.  It keeps things real mellow.  With book in hand, and the only sound around coming from the crashing waves, it was exactly what we needed.  If you’re looking for more action, I’d stay closer to town at either Sole East or Ruschmeyer’s.

dina weisberger montauk surf DSC_0398 montauk

Before heading back to get ready for dinner, we perused in town to check out the local shopping.  Per usual, my favorites were Calypso and Share with.  So much beachy goodness – who needs jeans when all you have to wear in a beach town is a gauze dress with flip flops and a hat?  Fashion Shmashion!  We found a cool new surf shop called Greenlines and there is also a Cynthia Rowley store that we unfortunately didn’t make it to.  Saturday night was dinner at Harvest, a yummy restaurant on fort pond with beautiful light at sundown, but definitely better for groups since the portions are family style.

DSC_0678 montauk

Sunday we grabbed breakfast a most delectable breakfast from Joni’s Kitchen which had a “build your own” breakfast burrito menu, that included gluten free wrap options (big win!).  Satiated and ready to take in our last moments of beach life, we headed to Ditch Plains so Dina could get in one more surf session, and then back to our local hotel beach to zone out for the rest of the day.  Relaxed, full of tan lines and recharged, we finished off our weekend breathing in the ocean air and made our way back to the concrete jungle so we could get our hustle on and figure out a way to get back there!

jenny greenstein jenny greenstein

For outtakes of the weekend, head over to Instagram and follow along @yoursoulstyle.

the getaway

the getaway

This summer is that much more sweet after the winter we just had.  It has given me perspective and is keeping the appreciation level high for days by the beach, enjoying the sun, sea and sand.  Tomorrow we head to Montauk for the weekend, and telling you that I’m excited is a gross understatement.  Montauk is one of those places that transports me to my zen.  Since a July baby, the beach lives in my bones and the sweet smell of salty air, sticky skin, quiet relaxing days by the water and finishing off with dinners watching the sunset can instantly wash away life’s stressors.  In an effort to keep things low maintenance, I’m packing light, taking only the necessities!  The last thing I want to worry about is what I’m wearing.  When heading out to the beach, I like to bring items that can double duty.  The top I throw on over my swimsuit is the one I pair with denim for dinner, casual (and versatile) sandals can be worn to the beach, with denim shorts and a maxi dress or a sarong tied around my waist can easily lay down and become a towel (or pillow).  For your next beach weekend/vacation, be strategic about what you bring.  Summer clothing is more flexible then winter and comfort is key.  The only thing you should be worrying about when at the beach is reapplying your SPF, what book to read and if you’re having a spritzer, martini or margarita at dinner.  I hope you have a fantastic and restful weekend.

WHAT TO PACK:  1. beach hat // 2. mara hoffman bikini // 3. crochet top  // 4. maxi dress // 5.  sarong // 6. beach bag // 7. sunnies // 8. gold flats