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jenny greenstein

This year goes down as the best ever. Coming into motherhood has been the greatest gift, and along with completely changing my personal life, it has influenced my professional life in ways I never knew possible. I’m super honored to have been chosen by Oh Mama as their “Mama Crush” this week, where I share how this new role has influenced my career, how I’d spend the day if there were zero obligations, and what parenting decision thus far I wish I could change. “Oh Mama is the site that puts everything in one place…a place for moms by moms that delivers information and inspiration for daily living and thriving. A site where moms can finally worry less about where to get their information and grant them more time to remember that these are the days.”

Click on over here for the full read, and check out this epic “one-stop-shop for parents to learn, share, grow, and enrich the lives of their children and themselves.”

Thanks Oh Mama!

spotlight series 2.0

hailey andresen

Hello and happy week. Hope it’s a good one. Today I’ll be reintroducing my Spotlight Series, and from this point forward I’ll be including a new focus on mamas or mamas in the making. While I myself just transitioned into motherhood, I’d like to tap into how other moms are embracing their style from the inside out. I know balance can be challenging, especially when it comes to taking care of yourself, but the women I’ve connected with are super inspiring. While social media can paint an overly glorified picture, I’m looking to these mamas to share their authentic experiences. I want to take a glimpse inside their lives to see how they make it all happen. We know it ain’t easy, but there is so much we can relate on. So let’s talk about it. In addition to the feature here, these ladies will each do a 1-2 day instagram takeover on the @yoursoulstyle handle. This way we can have a visual snapshot too. I can’t wait to introduce you to these incredible gals!

To kick things off, I’d like you to meet Hailey Andresen, founder of Household Mag, a blog dedicated to all things food, lifestyle and “building a nest in brooklyn”. I ‘met’ Hailey over our beloved instagram where we’ve both found an incredible community of women to connect with. It’s amazing how close you can feel to someone through the medium of social media. I felt like I knew Hailey after a few exchanges in the comment section. Oh – the wonders of modern day technology! While both pregnant at the same time, we shared our journeys and were able to show support. Despite both giving birth (Owen Drew was born on September 21st), we continue to share our daily thoughts on motherhood.

Hailey is a recent transplant to New York and comes to us by way of Phoenix. Living here was always on the radar for both her and husband Zack, and on the day Zack landed his dream job, Hailey found out she was pregnant. Leaving friends, family and all of what was comfortable behind would be difficult, especially during this critical time, but they decided to take the leap regardless and have not looked back. Household Mag launched quickly after Hailey’s arrival and has been building momentum in a big, bad way since. Full of beautiful story-telling, photographs by the incredible Amy Frances, recipes and dynamic lifestyle content, Hailey provides a voice that is both humble and relatable. She speaks with honesty, and is helping to create a community of strong, fierce women looking to design their own lives. Being that I work towards the same goal, I couldn’t wait to meet her!

Taking our instagram friendship off-line, we met in Prospect Heights to chat more about motherhood, lifestyle and how to balance it all. Our babes joined us too and while both managing conversation, coffee and tending to our little ones, I knew it was the beginning of an awesome friendship. Hailey, my new idol, seems to be doing the impossible. She was already back to work almost immediately after Owen’s arrival, and seems to have this whole working mama thing on lock. She likes to say, “coffee, coffee, coffee!”, but I think she’s got a few other tricks up her sleeve. How does she juggle it all while continuing to radiate beauty from the inside out? And how does she make it look so easy!? I needed to find out more. So I asked Hailey, what is Your Soul Style?

hailey andresen

YSS: What is Your Soul Style?

Hailey: My soul style combines my desire for comfort and style. For me being comfortable doesn’t necessarily involve sweatpants (although some days it ABSOLUTELY does). Most days being comfortable is so much more about being comfortable in my own skin which fashion plays a huge role in to. Finding pieces that compliment my figure and my lifestyle as a new mom are what I am all about.

YSS: How do you describe your personal style?

Hailey: My personal style has become more and more simple over the years. I used to be into vintage and prints, and while I still throw that into the mix every now and then, I enjoy more neutral colors, flattering silhouettes, and staple pieces that transition easily with the season and over time. I would rather purchase timeless pieces than anything super trendy.

YSS: What does your style say about you?

Hailey: I think that being concerned with fashion often times gives people a bad rap when it’s unnecessary. I don’t believe we need to look at it that way. Having style doesn’t mean spending a fortune. It means selecting pieces that compliment your figure and your personality. When I walk out the door I want to feel like my best and most confident self. My style says I’m strong and confident, but not high maintenance.

YSS: You’ve recently moved to New York by way of Phoenix. How much of your style is influenced by your old stomping grounds?

Hailey: I will always have a love for turquoise and southwestern prints, but those are items I use sparingly in my wardrobe. I would say more than anything else that coming from Phoenix has influenced my budget and what I’m willing to pay for pieces. I am a true bargain shopper at heart, and that has transitioned into my life here in New York as well.

YSS: And now that you’re in New York, how much has your style changed?

Hailey: What’s incredible about personal style progression in New York verse Phoenix is that there is so much more originality here. In Phoenix if you wear something a little unique, heads turn and you create a scene. In New York there is so much culture and fashion influencing our everyday lives that wearing a funky print or different waistline than the crowd doesn’t exist – it only makes you fit in more. I love that. Living in New York has made me fearless when it comes to trying out new styles.

household mag

YSS: Since becoming pregnant, and now a new mama, how has your style evolved?

Hailey: I have had to become much more practical in the pieces I purchased both while pregnant and as a new mom. At the moment, since I’m breastfeeding, that means button front tops, and more two-piece ensembles. Because I am such a bargain shopper it’s hard for me to justify spending money on items I won’t wear after I’m done breastfeeding so I simply don’t do that. I am more thoughtful when it comes to garments that are both stylish and functional which makes shopping a whole lot more difficult. This was the same scenario while pregnant. I almost refused to purchase maternity clothing.

YSS: Where do you draw your style inspiration from?

Hailey: I recently revamped my closet after having my first son. Because I had a particular budget, I went straight to pinterest and put together outfits. I didn’t do a full on capsule wardrobe, but I tried to keep that mentality – a few classic pieces for fall/winter. I sourced images from my favorite shops and blogs and attempted to stick to a color scheme where almost everything I bought would go together in one way or another.

YSS: Now that you’re a new mama, what is your go-to clothing item that you can’t live without?

Hailey: Loyal Hana is the one breastfeeding line I have pieces from. The dress in these photos is from their newest collection. They have almost invisible zippers along the chest area that makes wearing a one piece ensemble possible.

YSS: One thing every new mom should have in her closet?

Hailey: A nice fitting pair of jeans. I recently got a pair of high rise jeans from Madewell and I can’t tell you how great they make me feel and how practical they are for this season of life.

household mag

YSS: What does your morning routine look like? Do you find it more difficult to get dressed?

Hailey: Every morning is a little different. It’s definitely more difficult to get ready now, but I always make it a priority when I have plans outside the house. My son likes to be fairly awake first thing in the morning so showering at night, after he has gone to sleep, makes things much smoother the next day. If Owen isn’t up for a nap after feeding in the morning, I typically will put him in his swing right outside the bathroom with the door open. That way I can interact with him while getting ready. This requires more time than it ever did pre-baby and a whole lot of patience, but it’s worth it!

YSS: Any tips on how to make it easy?

Hailey: Aside from showering the night before, I would suggest a low maintenance hairstyle. I cut my hair above the shoulders while I was pregnant and this cut my getting ready time in half. Now I let mine air dry at night and normally just through some quick curls in it before walking out the door. Giving myself more than enough time in the morning also limits stress and allows for the curve balls that ultimately come your way as a new mom.

YSS: What has been your biggest style struggle since becoming a new mom?

Hailey: Sticking to functional pieces day in and day out when all the pieces I loved prior to getting pregnant are just waiting in my closet for me. These pieces are mostly dresses that just don’t make sense for breastfeeding. I reorganized and put all of the pieces that are breastfeeding friendly right up front. This way I’m not sifting through those garments daily when getting ready and trying to convince myself I can nurse in them.

YSS: What were your favorite maternity brands? Breastfeeding-friendly brands?

Hailey: I really regret not purchasing the maternity line from Storq while pregnant. If I were to do it over again, I would make that my first purchase. I bought a couple things from Pink Blush Maternity, which is great because they have something for almost any and every style. As far as breastfeeding goes – Loyal Hana.

household mag

YSS: Balance is hard for all of us, especially new mamas. How do you find the time to write for Household Mag, take care of Owen and still look good at the same time?

Hailey: I have set up a schedule based not on the time on the clock, but on Owen’s feeding times. So the first feeding of the day, then the second and so on. For everything I want to get done I give myself double the amount of time. So I plan for the time between feedings and if I don’t accomplish what I was hoping for during the first chunk of time I attempt it at the next one. A friend of mine suggested using a post it note each day. If you can’t fit your whole to do list on a post it, chances are you aren’t getting it done that day. So prioritizing and not overwhelming myself is important. I’ve had to learn that chances are I won’t get everything done I’m hoping to most days, but Owen will never have a shortage of love or care and that’s at the top of my list. Then comes self-care, which involves eating well and getting ready, or some days just making sure a shower happens. I’ve really had to learn to be patient with myself.

YSS: What would be your advice to women on achieving work/life balance?

Hailey: I’m a schedule and checklist kind of person – which can be good and bad. Setting myself up where both work and life are involved in my schedule is essential. Making time for my life and self is just as important as work. Some days it doesn’t work out as planned, but if I can always be striving for setting myself up for both, I am absolutely happier.

YSS: What is your advice to new mamas on how to embrace individual style?

Hailey: Find pieces that fit you well at whatever stage you’re at in motherhood, and be forgiving if you aren’t where you want to be body-wise. The transitions you experience through pregnancy and motherhood ebb and flow and some days our jeans are gonna be a little tighter than they were the day before. Always make time for self-care, but try not to beat yourself up. Being a mama is one of the hardest jobs there is!

household mag

Be sure to pop over to the @yoursoulstyle instagram handle to follow Hailey (@householdmagny) today and tomorrow and check out the Household Mag blog over here!

photos via Amy Frances

vida rose – 7.19.15

vida rose

It’s been 10 weeks since giving birth, and close to 3 months since writing. Naturally, I don’t know where to begin. I’ve been working on this post for several weeks but every time I sat down to complete it, baby called or I was too distracted. I’m making my way back to writing, but slower than anticipated. I’d be lying if I said I don’t enjoy pouring every inch of myself into this new family of mine, but I know finding balance is key. Becoming a mama has been the greatest joy of my life, and easily the best thing I’ve ever done. It all feels so natural, and I’m grateful for how organic this transition has been. While I’m compelled to share every last detail of my new life, it’ll take more than this one post to give you the whole of my thoughts. From birth to the physical, emotional and psychological aspects of this journey, to postpartum feelings, parenting style, breastfeeding, weight struggles, motherhood in general, and new style challenges, my brain is on information overload. I promise I’ll get to everything, I WANT to get to everything. But in the spirit of mommyhood – it will take time, and a whole lot of patience. So without further ado, I officially introduce you to Vida Rose Weisberger, born on 7/19/15, weighing in at 8lbs, 6oz and almost 21 inches long! Dina says we either have a supermodel or basketball player on our hands.

vida rose

My birth story plays out like most – with a plan, and the reality of that plan. It’s rare to go through this experience without a few battle wounds, and mine is consistent. I went into labor naturally after being 4 days “late”, but Vida’s birth was a medical one – inclusive of a small pitocin drip, episiotomy, and epidural. I’m not the home birth type nor love the idea of interventions, but I fall somewhere in-between. My doctor recommended an induction only 2 days after my due date, but I was adamant about giving my body (and Vida) time to arrive. It felt like an injustice to speed things along, and I did a bit of research on what an appropriate (and healthy) gestational period realistically is. Studies prove that 42 weeks is OK if mama and cub are both healthy. Anything later is when a pregnancy is considered “post-term”. Because of my age (36) and “size of baby” (she was charting in at over 8 lbs), the suggestion was not to wait. But I decided to do so anyway. A healthy baby can arrive anywhere between 37 – 42 weeks. It’s unfortunate that most doctors give us an expectation around one day. It looms over our heads from the minute we find out we’re pregnant and the $25,000 question is always “when are you due?”. I like most people, got anxious when that day came and went. And it didn’t help that my doormen would look at me daily with the same, “you’re still pregnant!?” expression on their faces. Fortunately with the help of an acupuncture induction specialist, I started contracting naturally at 40 weeks, 4 days.

vida rose vida rose

In all of my life, I’ve never worked so hard to accomplish something. No one can prepare you for the intensity of birth and between contractions and the pushing, this was the most difficult thing I’ve done. I knew my physical strength needed the most support so depended on my mental self to get me through. With that, I reached into the depths of my soul and thoughts of the last two years raced across my mind. Everything that we had worked towards to create this magical creature was coming together, and the final moment of my pregnancy journey was here. I was ready. I labored at home for 17 hours and an additional 14 in the hospital. By Sunday morning July 19th, I was ready to push. I almost passed out, threw up and died at the same time. And Dina said she lost connection with me too. It’s almost as if I had to go somewhere else in order to find the strength to help Vida through to the other side. It was a challenge, and took every ounce of my mental, emotional and physical strength, but fortunately I was able to get there. After an hour, Vida crowned. I was able to touch her head while she was both a part of me and her new world and it blew my mind. She was almost here. Five minutes after that, with one more final push, she was on my chest – beautiful, pure, wide eyed and alert. It seemed that she too was taking it all in. Despite being the most surreal moment of my life, what I remember most is her skin feeling so soft against mine. Vida means life in Spanish and the miracle of it was something I finally understood.

vida rose vida rose

The first 24 hours were tough because I spiked a fever during labor and Vida had to be in the NICU for a 24-hour observation. Her and I both were given antibiotics as a precaution. Because rooming-in, bonding, constant skin-to-skin contact and breastfeeding were high up on my agenda, this killed me. As did the idea of her receiving unnecessary medication. I also lost a ton of blood so was kept lying flat in the labor and delivery room until stable. I wanted to immediately get up and visit her, but physically couldn’t do it. Dina went while I recovered. Although I had expected glitches in my birth plan, this was my biggest fear realized. I begged the doctors and nurses over and over (and OVER) again to leave her with us, but they couldn’t. While I’m appreciative of western medicine and top notch care, this was hard to accept. But I didn’t have a choice. Being in the hospital, I had to oblige by their policies, and unfortunately it was out of my hands.

vida rose vida rose

A few hours later I stabilized and went down to see our beautiful (and according to the nurses, feisty!) little girl. I nursed her immediately. Being that breastfeeding is not a done deal for all women, I was over the moon when this connection was secure. It was pure bliss. We went back and forth during the 24-hour observation and by the next morning she was with us to stay. By Tuesday we were discharged, and on our way to start the next chapter as three. The level of gratitude for this new family of mine was (and still is) at an all time high.

vida rose vida rose

Recovery was tougher than expected, but I’ll save those details for future posts. I’ll wrap this one up by saying that no one could have prepared me for the type of intense and insane love that I’ve experienced with becoming a mama. While I thought I got it before, I never knew until I did which is the mantra I’ve been living by since Vida’s arrival. The past 3 months have been life-changing and I fall more deeply in love with her each day. My heart constantly feels like it’s about to explode. The love is indescribable. I am incredibly grateful for this beautiful gift who was beyond worth the wait. Vida is the new light of my life and I can’t wait to show her the world and experience life through her lens.

vida rose vida rose vida rose vida rose

For more photos of our journey, pop on over to instagram where I’ve been sharing daily snaps!

new service: pre/post natal styling!

pre_post natal styling services

Hello friends and happy Wednesday. This week has been glorious so far in NYC and what feels like a heatwave in comparison to the winter we are hopefully leaving behind. I’m eager for even warmer days ahead for so many reasons. I know you are with me.

I have exciting news today for Your Soul Style with an announcement of a new styling service package for mamas and mamas-to-be! While I myself am journey’ing through the pregnancy experience I can relate to facing styling challenges. With each passing month as your body continues to change, you need to omit another few styles from the rotation and fill in with items that do, all the while not trying to break the bank AND simultaneously investing in pieces that will hopefully last postpartum as well. And then there is postnatal life, when you’re not exactly back to yourself, may be breastfeeding, want comfort only, have no time to shop and a ton of other new variables to consider. I’m an advocate of paying close attention to your personal style during all of these stages, but I do realize that it’s a lot to juggle which is why I put this service together. Let me help!

Below find the Pre/Post Natal Styling Package details. Consultations are FREE and can be done in person, skype/facetime or over the phone. Contact me at jenny@yoursoulstyle.com to book your appointment, of if you have any additional questions.

PRE/POST NATAL STYLING PACKAGE  ⇔  Finding clothes that work when your body is in flux can be challenging. But pregnancy is a time to radiate, starting from the inside out. With this package, I work with you during the prenatal or postpartum process (or both!), and guide you through each stage of pregnancy to establish styling behaviors that compliment your new shape and make you feel your most beautiful and authentic self. Motherhood is not a time to hang up your style hat, it’s another opportunity to embrace it. I work with all budgets no matter how big or small. The three part program includes: 

  • 1-hour Styling Evaluation to determine needs and goals
  • 2-hour Closet Consultation to teach you how to work with your existing wardrobe
  • 2-hour Shopping Trip to find the essential pieces

Total Package: $400

For additional a la carte services, click here.

If you live outside of the NYC area, virtual styling accommodations can be made. Head to the Styling Services page for details.