weekly finds: the nursery

nursery decor

So the latest and greatest news happenings in the Greenstein-Weisberger household is we have decided to remain in our apartment instead of moving. Though we seemed to find a few cool spaces along our hunt, nothing blew us away except for one apartment we unfortunately were outbid on. After that, it was slim pickings and we didn’t want to make such a hefty investment on something we didn’t love! It was getting down to the wire and right before our babymoon, we both agreed that staying put would be the right decision. We love our neighborhood, we love our building and the closer it got to my due date, the less interested we were in turning our world (additionally) upside down. A new baby would do that enough! Once we established our plan, I was able to start building my dream ‘mini’-nursery, something I was eagerly anticipating since the double line confirmed my pregnancy. Our apartment is not tiny and it definitely is a space we can make work. So we hired a contractor, re-worked a few closets and spaces, painted, got rid of a ton of crap and this will now be our baby boo’s first home! And we are both perfectly comfortable and excited about it.

I dedicate this Weekly Finds post to the boo’s first room! Some of the items in the image we’ve already purchased (the crib, dresser, rocker, ‘love’ print, area rug, moroccan pouf & crochet toys), and the remainder are still mulling over. I’ll share the progress along the way, but feeling extra inspired lately and excited to get things settled. I believe they call it nesting!? Oh yes, we are in full effect.

SOURCES: Dresser: GUSTAF // Dream Catcher: TORCHLIGHT JEWELRY  // Crochet Bunny: ANN-MARIE PETIT // Crochet Rattle: TANE ORGANICS // Storage Bin: ABC HOME // Joya Rocker: MONTE DESIGN // Moroccan Pouf: LULU & GEORGIA // Area Rug: LULU & GEORGIA // ‘Love’ Print: MAX WANGER PHOTOGRAPHY // Sheepskin Throw: DESIGN WITHIN REACH // Pillow: ESKAYEL // Crib: GUSTAF