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lic flea

Hello and happy Friday! In honor of New York Fashion Week which kicked off yesterday, I’ve been invited to judge a fashion contest at the LIC Flea Fashion Weekend event. I’ve always been a mega fan of flea markets, and growing up used to make weekly visits with my Mom and/or friends to check out the goods. I remember in middle school picking out my first pair of bell bottoms at Bonnie’s Jeans which was the popular denim booth. Think cut off denim shorts with printed tights and a floor length open cardigan atop. I was also obsessed with the guy that sold Grateful Dead patches of which I sewed onto my backpack. Yup, that was me.

Flea markets have certainly evolved since then and LIC Flea is full of emerging and local designers, who this weekend will be highlighting vintage, curated, and hand-crafted clothes and accessories. It’ll be up to me to choose my top three favorite vendors in three categories: apparel, jewelry and accessories. There will also be a fashion show! Super excited to be a part of an event that supports new, local and emerging designers. Join me on on Saturday and Sunday from 10am – 6pm in celebrating NYFW and LIC Flea Fashion Weekend!  

LIC Flea is located in Astoria at 5-24 46th Avenue at the corner of 46th Avenue and 5th Street, and just a short walk from the 7, E, M or G train.  

See you there! x jenny

rising to the top


New York fashion week has come and gone and I’m still playing catch up.  So much goodness for Spring/Summer 2014, especially the color white which is trending in a big, bad way.  London fashion week is now in full bloom and this past weekend was UK brand Topshop Unique’s show.  The great thing about Topshop is that the clothing is moderately priced, giving us all access to fashion’s best!  I remember studying abroad in London almost fifteen years ago (whoa!) and feeling like I struck gold when I stumbled into this store.  Like other collections, Topshop incorporated a capsule of white, but what got me super excited were the purples, blues and green tones and as put it, “acres of naked back”.  I’m a sucker for anything backless and believe it to be one of the sexier parts on a woman’s body.  Since not all of us are blessed to go braless (me, for one) – this adhesive tape by Braza will help keep the girls in place so you can embrace the plunging silhouette.  I swear by it.  Topshop has four locations in the states – NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles and Las Vegas, is sold at select Nordstrom’s and is available online for global shipping.  

Here’s a look at some of my favorites from Topshop’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection!  Happy Monday!  xx jenny

MARC0069.450x675 MARC0359.450x675 MARC0141.450x675 MARC0284.450x675MARC0392.450x675photos via

NYFW – Steven Alan


I never would have thought being married to a woman with a menswear inspired styling sensibility would influence my own wardrobe choices.  I am a self-proclaimed uber femme chick, but knowing Dina has changed that – which you should know I’m 100% cool with.  Style is an evolving process – based on personal growth, experiences and people that inspire us.  My wife has helped facilitate all three of these objectives!  One brand she introduced was Steven Alan.  Her closet over-flowing with their classic reverse seam button down shirts and me “borrowing from the boys” and re-working them to suit my tastes.  She wears with khaki chinos and oxfords and me with a pair of high waisted bell buttons and statement necklace.  It would be an interesting demonstration to see a side by side of her and I in the same shirt – a proven visual of dramatically different interpretations!   We both share appreciation for similar items, yet our styling and expression is unique.  Our soul style is personal and individual.  For the past few years Steven Alan has grown, opening up larger boutiques and expanding on its existing designer base with heavyweights like Acne and Isabel Marant!  Its expansion has reeled me in with a wider and elevated selection of merchandise (it includes home goods too!).  What was once a teeny tiny store downtown which I visited with Dina to scoop up the latest heritage shirt, has since become a go-to brand for me.  I peeped the designers own Spring 2014 collection from New York fashion week to see what was cooking for next year and although the button downs still show up, they continue to evolve in silhouettes, fabrications and styling.   A few looks I’m coveting….

Check out this post by Marlien Rentemeester from Le Catch for her take on button downs from New York fashion week!  Have a great weekend!  xx jenny

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fashion: the ying and yang of it


All throughout fashion week there are tons of ‘street style’ photographs infiltrating the interweb – editors, fashion bloggers, designers, socialites galore dripping in stellar outfits. Because I approach style from a wearable perspective – I enjoy these more than the looks that traipsed down the runway. Not that I don’t have an appreciation for a good fashion show (I totally do!) – but am more interested in style that I can relate to which occurs more frequently on the street than on the runway. One of the most prominent styling techniques ‘on the street’ is the ‘draping of the coat over shoulder’.  Even in the snowstorm and brisk cold at NYFW – there was no denying fashion trumped function. Me, sometimes, mostly unpractical about my outfit choices (I wear pointy toe heels in 25 degree weather and a 3/4 sleeve cocoon coat in park city, utah), loved it!  The ying side of me (controlled, pragmatic, predictable) thinks this is a ridiculous styling nuance – likely annoying, pointless and counterproductive to wearing a coat, but the yang of me (illogical, unrealistic, anarchist) is winning the tug of war and will most certainly triumph the fight. You will see me with a coat on my shoulders sometime soon. Haters don’t hate.




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