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I am in a constant state of cleansing my closet, especially now with Vida. Aside from limited space in our apartment, I don’t have energy for clutter or excess. Things must be simple and organized. I can’t wake up each day, sifting through the whole of my wardrobe to find an outfit that makes sense. I don’t have that kind of disposable time anymore. And I assume some of you (whether a mama or not) don’t either. We americans consume too much (guilty!). Culturally speaking, we have been programmed to believe that more equals better, and nothing is ever enough. Consumerism (and capitalism) at it’s finest. But what about our environmental (and social) responsibility to create less stuff? Do you know that there is a ‘garbage island’ in the middle of the Pacific that experts believe is twice the size of Texas? Watch the documentary Plastic Paradise if you don’t believe me. The fashion industry is one of the biggest offenders which a gal I follow on instagram reminded me of, so while I try to personally impact change (work in progress over here), I share this philosophy with my clients too: to make wiser purchases, buy less, invest in pieces with longevity and be responsbile with which brands we get behind. It’s hard to give up some of the fast fashion brands I’ve been attached to for so long. But I’m trying, and taking the appropriate steps to clean up this world for Vida and the generations that follow. Who’s with me?

That all said, the Fall/Winter season is basically here, and just like we typically do in Spring, cleansing is key. So let me help you get your closet ready with a Closet Cleanse (details here!) to detox the excess, create a new baseline and offer up suggestions on where to donate/consign so someone else can enjoy your worn clothes so they don’t wind up in some floating garbage pile in the middle of our ocean. Let’s work together on making smarter purchases now and for the future. Hit me up at jenny@yoursoulstyle.com to schedule your session. I can’t wait to hear from you. xx

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mother’s day promo!

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This is my first time experiencing Mother’s Day as a mama myself, and I’m excited for it. We’ve created our own little family, and what could be better than spending the weekend with the two loves of my life. Lately I’ve been feeling extra grateful and while I naturally experience up’s and down’s, I remain thankful. There was a time where I found it hard to see the forest through the trees, but one of the things that motherhood has provided me with is a clear and positive perspective. And I bring those vibes to my personal styling work. The glass is always half full.

To honor the beauty of motherhood this year via Your Soul Style, I’m offering 15% off all services, if booked now through Sunday, 5/8. Whether it be for your own mama, godmother, a friend, aunt, grandmother or simply just gifting something to yourself (as you deserve!), there is no better time than now to start feeling empowered from the inside out. Head to my services page for a list of offerings.

Happy Mother’s Day to you and yours!

back to work!


Hi there and happy Friday! Hoping you all have something amazing planned for the weekend ahead. This fall has been gorgeous, and I’m enjoying this beautiful brisk weather. We are staying local, but looking forward to quality time with family and friends. I am cherishing these weekend days now more than ever!

This week came and went in a flash. I was planning on publishing a post on postpartum styling tips, but unfortunately was not able to get one together. My weekly to-do list seems to only partially get done these days, and this was one of the casualties. I do however intend to still cover the topic. So stay tuned. That said, I did send out an email blast to my clients announcing that I’ll be back to scheduling personal styling clients again starting November 6th! Yeah!

While the past 3 months have been nothing short of amazing, I’m super excited to connect with those who I have worked with before, and look forward to all who have expressed interest while I was out. While personally going through a major transformation over the past year, I have many new insights to share as I help you get Closet CleansedStyle Coached and equipped with a New Wardrobe that not only supports your individual lifestyle, but honors your style from the inside out! Head on over to my services page for details.

As of FridayNovember 6th, I’ll be seeing clients on both Tuesday’s and Friday’s. While my schedule will be limited, be sure to reach out as soon as possible. If you’re interested in making an appointment, please message me directly at jenny@yoursoulstyle.com so we can get you on the calendar. I intend to open up my schedule in early 2016 to include additional week days, but for now I’ll be working on a part-time basis only. So hop to it, and let’s get started! As always, feel free to follow me here, on Facebook and Instagram, where I’ve shared much of my journey, along with tips and inspiration on style from the inside out!

I look forward to our continued work together, and can’t wait to hear from all of you!

Also, if you’d like to be put on my email list, please reach out directly at jenny@yoursoulstyle.com with your information.

Warmest weekend wishes! xx

keaton row stylist!

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Hello friends!

Happy Monday!  I have some exciting news to share!  I recently became a personal stylist with Keaton Row, a free service that helps busy women with online shopping and styling.  I now have access to top online retailers like Nordstrom, Shopbop and ASOS, who pay me to curate and style their merchandise – at no extra cost to you!  Did you hear that???  I can be your personal stylist FOR FREE!  This means that I will create personalized head-to-toe looks for you – be it for a wedding, vacation, weekend essentials, seasonal refresh, work basics or even just an epic ensemble for a night out.  Whatever you need, really.  And all you pay for is what you buy!  Check out some of the recent lookbooks I created like Fall Must-Haves, Date Night or Fall Outerwear picks.  Or what I worked out for one of my clients HERE!

As always, my goal is to help you enhance and embrace your physical appearance so it is indicative of your unique personality and how you express it.  Together we will work to define your personal style from the inside out.  I empower you to become your own stylemaker and be the best version of yourself.  Let me help you discover YOUR SOUL STYLE!

Use this link to view my profile, sign up as my client and set a few style and size preferences:


I hope you take advantage of this amazing complimentary service.  And if you’d be so kind, please help me spread the word by sharing this post with your friends and family too!

To see my complete list of services (in-person styling, closet cleanse, etc.) head on over here, and send an e-mail directly to jenny@yoursoulstyle.com for all inquires.

I can’t wait to work with you!

With Love, Soul & Style,