2014 resolutions!

happy new yearWhether you actually craft a tangible new years resolution list or not, now is a time for reflection.  It’s a moment to look back and think about what you’ve accomplished, what you didn’t get to and what you would like to target for the coming year.  I try to reassess on a continuous basis, asking myself questions about progress and ways to improve, but if that’s not your style – use this marker as an opportunity.  The new year creates a space to recalibrate and “start over”.  It sets a new baseline.  There is no time better than now to pursue your dreams, take that vacation, get in shape, whatever!  As I look back on the year, 2013 goes down in the books as a life changing one for me.  I mustered up the courage to walk away from my steady corporate fashion career, recognizing I had to let go in order to live on.  This decision allowed me to nurture a desire to spread my entrepreneurial wings, while simultaneously creating a platform that brings awareness to the cross-section between style and mindfulness.  With the launch of Your Soul Style, I have been able to make that happen.  I do what I love and am passionate about reaching a wider audience with the message that we should always be embracing our authentic selves.  That is the heartbeat of this blog!  I am beyond grateful for having the love and support of friends, family, readers and especially my wife, Dina.  Without all of you, this could not be possible.  I cannot wait to see what happens in 2014 and I thank you for joining me on this journey and always keeping me inspired!

Here are a few goals I am setting for the coming year.  Now, what are yours?

Hope you all have a happy, healthy and safe New Years Eve!  I will see you in 2014!  xx jenny

nye 2013

photo via ban.do