style the bump: 32 weeks

style the bump

Today marks the official first day of my 8th month. WOW! I cannot believe it. I keep saying we are in a ‘home stretch situation’, but with every passing week this statement grows truer! T-minus 8 weeks, and that’s if this baby boo even comes on time. As we know, she can be early or like typical first babies, late! We shall see. My official due date is July 13th.

Now that I’m in my third trimester, I’ve faced a few new style challenges since my belly is getting pretty big. I continue to browse non-maternity stores, trying to find as many dresses as possible without seams along the waistline. Dresses as I’ve said, have become my best friend, even more-so now that it’s warm. I’ve also started thinking about postpartum attire since my body will take time to bounce back, and I have intentions to breastfeed. I want items that are comfortable, but also fashionable. From first hand experience working with my postnatal clients, I know I’ll be tired, and know I’ll want things to be easy, but like I always tell them, I’m not willing to throw in the towel when it comes to personal style. Taking care of yourself is critical to maintaining a healthy self- image, and overall state of well-being.

Which brings me to this amazing dress that I’m wearing by Loyal Hana, the best thing that’s ever happened to postnatal style. You would never guess by looking at it that it was made specifically for breastfeeding mamas. I have done my fair share of research on maternity brands that take into consideration access to feeding, and it’s slim pickings out there when it comes to fashion. While I feel like I’ve gotten my bump style on lock, breastfeeding-wear has been a whole new area to explore. And then I found the genius-ness of Loyal Hana which is why this Style The Bump: 32 Weeks post is dedicated to them! This black & white dress is not only comfortable, cool and ultra chic, but will also take me as they say, “from the bump, to the boob and beyond!” Strategically placed zippers are invincible to the naked eye (try and find them in these photos. I bet you can’t!), and discretely open to allow for ease of feeding (see image for reference). No more fussing with straps or exposing your entire boob! All you have to do is unzip.

So there you have it mama friends. Staying fashionable and functional simultaneously is an option when wearing Loyal Hana and will help you feel “confident and beautiful” while ensuring your little one is getting the best of the best. It’s a win-win for both mama and babe! Head over to the Loyal Hana site to check out their full line. You will love, I promise. PS: Coming this week, there will be a jumpsuit! Oh yeah!

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SHOP IT: dress: LOYAL HANA // jacket: old (similar) // shoes: old (similar) // clutch: CLARE VIVIER // choker: india (similar)

photos via jonica moore 

style the bump: 29 weeks

style the bump

Early on in my pregnancy, I posted a photo on instagram regarding my hunt for maternity bell bottoms. Since I wasn’t able to find any, I simply placed a rubber band around the button of my pre-pregnancy pair and wore an oversize sweater to cover the top. I knew this styling trick was short lived as I grew bigger, but apparently the fashion gods must have heard my request because A Pea In The Pod at Destination Maternity generously gifted me this pair by McGuire that I wear in this style post. When I opened the package, I was like a little kid on Christmas because while the bell bottom (or the more recently referred to ‘flare’) silhouette has always been a staple in my wardrobe, I’ve been jonesing to bust them out with all the 70’s trend happenings’. Let’s just say A Pea In The Pod did not have to twist my arm to pull together a head-to-toe ensemble featuring this most epic pair of denim. I was ALL FOR the partnership, and super psyched about it.

So alas, thanks to A Pea In The Pod, my dreams have been made a reality, and I can move through this last trimester with the opportunity to embrace my inner hippie. A Pea In The Pod has many great designer denim options at varying price points so be sure to head over to their site if you’re a mama in the making to scoop up your own. An important style tip to note (and something I didn’t realize earlier on in my own pregnancy) is to wait until at least your second trimester to invest in a pair of designer maternity denim. While a pair I bought in the beginning were super cute and fit perfectly at the time, other areas of my body expanded aside from my belly and I needed a bigger size later on in my pregnancy.

For all of you women out there who are not expecting, I’m loving the following non-maternity flare styles from: MIH, J Brand, Madewell, Frame, Zara

SHOP THIS POST: tank: H&M // flare denim: McGuire, c/o A Pea In The Pod // moto jacket: old (similar // shoes: BANANA REPUBLIC (old, similar) // sunnies: RAY BAN

style the bump style the bump style the bump style the bump style the bump style the bump style the bump style the bump

Disclaimer: I would never wear anything in my style posts that I didn’t love or feel good about. Despite my work with brands and/or designers (such as A Pea In The Pod) on collaborations, I stand behind all the content I publish on this site and represent only what I authentically believe in. 

style the bump: 28 weeks

style the bump

Hello, and happy Monday! A few weeks back I mentioned that I was entering my third trimester, but I spoke too soon since according to babycenter it doesn’t officially begin until week 28. That said, this is actually the beginning of my last and final trimester. I am 28 weeks today. I truly cannot believe I’m moving into the last phase of my pregnancy as it seems like yesterday when we were just trying to conceive. I have been feeling supremely grateful lately for this incredible experience, and this baby that is cooking up inside of me. I had no idea what my life would look like since in a same-sex relationship, and while I always knew deep down there was a part of me that wanted a child, it took time to explore our options. I feel really proud to have arrived at this point. It is proof that with perseverance and determination, goals can be reached. After coming off the heels of a very difficult journey, the level of gratitude I feel for us, our life and knowing this baby girl is almost here is unexplainable.

style the bump style the bump

So here I am at 28 weeks. I’ve gained 25 lbs. so far (which is at the higher end of where I “should be”), but feel comfortable in my skin. I continue to enjoy the challenge of styling this blossoming body, and with epic maternity brands like Isabella Oliver who graciously sent me this super cute red pencil skirt, I’m able to maintain my style rhythm and self-expression despite the physical changes. Per usual, if you need styling support to help you through those times when your body is in flux (be it because of a pregnancy or not) and you want to look and feel your best from the inside out, head over to my Styling Services page for details. I’m here for you!

style the bump style the bump style the bump

As I continue to grow both physically and emotionally, I’ve had moments of contention with my changing body. For the most part I’ve felt beautiful, but I understand when the reflection in the mirror becomes foreign. When this happens, I always come back to the understanding that I am creating life. And then the overwhelming feeling I have more than anything is gratitude.

style the bump style the bump

SHOP IT: top: URBAN OUTFITTERS // jacket: old (similar) // skirt: ISABELLA OLIVER (c/o) // shoes: old (similar) // clutch: JUST FEMALE // choker: scooped up on street (similar)

style the bump: 26 weeks

style the bump

Hi friends! We are still here on the west coast, spending this next week in LA and ending with a wedding, which Dina is actually officiating this coming Friday. Our trip so far has been incredible, and the babymoon portion of our adventure was outstanding. Palm Springs will forever be a special place, filled with so much love and light. I have tons of pics to share which I’ll be rounding up in the coming weeks, but in the meantime I shared a bunch over on Instagram.

This week Dina will be spending her time in the Google office, and I’ll be working remotely while exploring a bit too. We rented an airbnb in Venice and it’s the perfect little beach bungalow that we couldn’t be happier about. It’s certainly tickling our temptations to move west. In the spirit of keeping up with my Style The Bump series, I am 26 weeks today and have been living up to my expectations of wearing dresses only since landing in California. This one in particular is from ZARA (non-maternity), and while extremely comfortable and able to adjust to my growing belly, it’s also super sexy and will work post-bump too. Oh, and it’s $39.90. Note to self: buy more like this!

Happy Monday!

SHOP IT: dress: ZARA // jacket: SFERA (old), similar // shoes: DOLCE VITA (old) similar // bag: COLE HAAN (old) similar // sunnies: TOM FORD

style the bump: 24 weeks


Well, I have arrived at 24 weeks which marks 6 months into my pregnancy. I can’t believe I am at this point, and for what felt like forever to get pregnant, things are now flying by. I’ve heard from new parents that time starts to move super fast when raising a child, and it’s all starting to make sense even before my babe enters this world. When things are tangibly growing, i.e., a child or in my case a baby bump – it’s easier to mark time. Stages are more visibly identifiable and you’re able to attach yourself physically, mentally and emotionally to what’s happening during those specific life periods: trimesters, infancy, the terrible two’s, first day of kindergarten, etc., etc..  So here I am, 6 months in and creeping up on my next phase: the third, and final trimester. Wow.

style the bump

As my bump has continuously grown, so have other parts of my body too: my boobs, my butt, my hips, and most definitely my legs. While in moments it’s challenging to accept some of these physical changes, I truly am embracing it too. I may sound like a broken record, but strategic styling choices have helped. I’ve put effort into feeling my best starting from the inside out, and won’t allow my changing shape to negatively influence self-care. If anything, I’m paying even more attention to it. While it may require some extra effort when getting dressed, feeling good is critical, for both me and the baby!

My third trimester and the onset of spring will bring many more dresses into the mix, and I’m especially paying attention to buying styles without seams across my mid-section like this non-maternity one from H&M which is snug now but will be looser post-bump, and still work. Lighter jackets, like this moto style will help ease up the bulkiness of outerwear, and adding layers like this black & white striped H&M sweater over my shoulders will create dimension, interest (and balance) to the overall look.

SHOP IT: dress H&M // jacket: SFERA (old) similar) // sweater: H&M // booties: SEE by CHLOE (on mega sale!) // sunnies: TOM FORD

jenny greenstein

jenny greenstein

jenny greenstein

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