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I’ve been writing for Well Rounded for quite some time, but recently came on board as their Fashion Editor! That said, I’ll be showing up around those neck of the woods more often, and offering even more styling tips for all you mamas and mama’s to be. I’ll co-run the posts here and link to them so in case you missed it over there, you can catch it here. Last week, I covered 3rd trimester styling tips which I know can be a challenge. Head on over here to check out.

breastfeeding styling tips

jenny greenstein

Breastfeeding has been one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. A hearty commitment reaping much return that will last forever. With that said, personal style through this season of life has been nothing short of challenging. Even me, a stylist, can totally relate to how complicated it is. By now, I’ve found a rhythm, living through 14 months and four weather transitions of getting dressed while considering necessary boob access. But it wasn’t always second-nature, and while I haven’t covered this topic here at length, now is as good a time as any. Because some of you are either planning to nurse OR are still in throes of it like me. So I say better late than never. These style tips are positioned to support your journey stylistically, and as always keep you feeling absolutely beautiful from the inside out. PS: Head on over to Loyal Hana (a gorgeous maternity/nursing-friendly brand) to check out their new site and new fall collection: styled by yours truly.

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NURSING BRANDS: Regardless of how long you plan on nursing, having a few pieces specifically designed for it (think strategically placed hidden zippers) in your closet is game changing – and totally worth the investment. Most nursing brands (like Loyal Hana) are good for both pregnancy AND beyond so you’ll get more bang for your buck. Favorites from LH are: celia jumpsuit (styled here on me), frankie top, layla dress and wiley sweater. Other brands to check out: Mitera, Au Lait, Kinwolfe, and Fillyboo.

OFF-THE-SHOULDER: The off-the-shoulder trend did wonders for me this past Summer. Since many of these silhouettes are designed with elastic, the stretch allows for easy boob access. Pair it with the La Leche strapless nursing bra (which has been life-changing for me) and you’re good to go. For the more modest woman, throw a nursing scarf over you when out and about. I love this set from Vetta, and this Ulla Johnson (shown in above and below images).

DROPPED ARMHOLE: In warm weather, pair a cute bandeau bra with dropped armhole tank like this one from Free People. Move the tank aside when nursing. Apply this strategy in colder months and wear as a layering piece under cozy sweaters or under second layers such as a blazers, cardigans or light jackets.

WRAP TOPS: If you can wrap it, you can release it. The boob, that is. Stock up on a few of these for the season. I’m loving this one from Malene Birger, this one from MLM, and this one from Alexander Wang.

BUTTON-DOWNS: Back before breastfeeding specific clothing was available, women wore buttons downs. Because they are a no-brainer for nursing. So add a few new ones to the rotation like this wear-with-everything chambray from J.Crew, this super cute style from Hatch Collection (in a dress version too), and this classic wear-to-work style from Equipment that you can utilize before, during, and after.

OVERALLS: If you follow along here, read this post or join me over on instagram, you’ll have noticed that overalls have been a go-to style for me during pregnancy and beyond. Pair any of the above tops with them, and you have a super cute, functional outfit that is stylistically interesting and mom-friendly. These from Old Navy are cute and price sensitive, this style from Hatch Collection and I’m really digging these from Current/Elliot .

SECOND LAYERS: Now that the weather is shifting to cooler temperatures, second layers are key when nursing. They provide coverage no matter what you’re wearing underneath. Stock up on a few cozy sweaters like this one and this one from Hatch Collection, and oversized blazers like this one from Smythe or this one from H&M which I’d pair with anything from boyfriend jeans, overalls or over a dress.

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jenny greenstein jenny greenstein jenny greenstein

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new service: style my closet!

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August is here, and if your e-mail is anything like mine – the inbox is being infiltrated with both ‘Summer Sale’ alerts and ‘New Arrivals’ for Fall. That said, it’s time to get our closets in order for the season ahead. This past Spring I did a soft launch with some of my existing clients of a new service that I’m really excited to tell you about called ‘ STYLE MY CLOSET‘! It was such a huge success that I’ll be rolling it out and offering to all of you!

It works like so: while I realize it’s difficult (and expensive!) to shop for newness each season, there IS a cost effective way to re-work your closet so it feels like you’ve gained a completely new wardrobe from what already exists. No money spent. No more excess to add to the already overflowing assortment. Both sustainable and price conscious. MAJOR WIN! We typically get stuck in our getting-dressed routines, and it’s hard to step back and view your wardrobe from a fresh perspective with innovative ideas. So this is where I step in, as your trusty Personal Stylist, styling new head-to-toe looks for you with what’s already on hand! You won’t be spending a dime on new clothes, will be decreasing your carbon foot print, AND after I leave will feel like you just went shopping. The ‘STYLE MY CLOSET‘ service includes the following:

  • Styling Evaluation to plan seasonal wardrobe
  • 2 OR 4-hour at-home Styling Session
  • Photographs of all head-to-toe looks
  • Personal Style Guide which includes all of your seasonal looks
  • Curated Shopping List (if you want to purchase any new pieces)

Head over to the services page for rates and details, and contact me @ jenny@yoursoulstyle.com to get ahead of the game and book your appointment today. I look forward to seeing you soon!

new service: pre/post natal styling!

pre_post natal styling services

Hello friends and happy Wednesday. This week has been glorious so far in NYC and what feels like a heatwave in comparison to the winter we are hopefully leaving behind. I’m eager for even warmer days ahead for so many reasons. I know you are with me.

I have exciting news today for Your Soul Style with an announcement of a new styling service package for mamas and mamas-to-be! While I myself am journey’ing through the pregnancy experience I can relate to facing styling challenges. With each passing month as your body continues to change, you need to omit another few styles from the rotation and fill in with items that do, all the while not trying to break the bank AND simultaneously investing in pieces that will hopefully last postpartum as well. And then there is postnatal life, when you’re not exactly back to yourself, may be breastfeeding, want comfort only, have no time to shop and a ton of other new variables to consider. I’m an advocate of paying close attention to your personal style during all of these stages, but I do realize that it’s a lot to juggle which is why I put this service together. Let me help!

Below find the Pre/Post Natal Styling Package details. Consultations are FREE and can be done in person, skype/facetime or over the phone. Contact me at jenny@yoursoulstyle.com to book your appointment, of if you have any additional questions.

PRE/POST NATAL STYLING PACKAGE  ⇔  Finding clothes that work when your body is in flux can be challenging. But pregnancy is a time to radiate, starting from the inside out. With this package, I work with you during the prenatal or postpartum process (or both!), and guide you through each stage of pregnancy to establish styling behaviors that compliment your new shape and make you feel your most beautiful and authentic self. Motherhood is not a time to hang up your style hat, it’s another opportunity to embrace it. I work with all budgets no matter how big or small. The three part program includes: 

  • 1-hour Styling Evaluation to determine needs and goals
  • 2-hour Closet Consultation to teach you how to work with your existing wardrobe
  • 2-hour Shopping Trip to find the essential pieces

Total Package: $400

For additional a la carte services, click here.

If you live outside of the NYC area, virtual styling accommodations can be made. Head to the Styling Services page for details.

feature: smdmag

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When a Spanish publication called SMDMAG, a brand new monthly magazine dedicated to music and fashion reached out and asked to feature my work, I of course said, ‘yes’! I am super honored that they loved the urban street shoot I styled with photographer Candy Kennedy enough to use in their November launch issue! Although a little tricky to interpret everything it said, I just deferred to Dina who happens to be fluent in Spanish since she lived in Argentina for two years.

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I am obsessed with Spain and it seems many things in our life come back to something involving spanish or latin culture. Dina and I visited Barcelona in 2009 and to this day say we could easily move there (don’t worry Mom, we’re not!). I mean, it’s a city with a beach. Between that and the food, architecture and fashion, the country won my heart. Can it get any more perfect? Me encanta! (translation: I love it!)

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You guys have likely seen the images from this shoot in another post (and possibly my portfolio page), but how could I not share being featured in Spanish print! It’s the little things. Check out this vimeo short by the magazine. I cannot get the song out of my head. Need it on my iTunes. Anyone know it??? Viva Espana! Happy Monday.

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