furry fashion

7fc7dcf855712b2df9033ccc1a9fb596 7313c3225f48eb6404e8daf77192a2eb 11d0a6aeb430bc8d036cfed8ee9f4b66 41261cf260e861b92ce9a7f81c151b58 fd4f57c2685141f9733b5f7bd2a6e2a7I just perused my own pinterest and recognized that fur (or faux fur) is thematic on my style boards.  I thus took a visit into my closet and got reacquainted with a fur vest I’ve had for a gazillion years.  I’m thrilled that it’s stood the test of time and lasted this long, especially since I bought in a liquidation store for $50.  Season after season I find new ways of styling this piece – last years version looking like this and this.  Certainly kept me warm and toasty on those frigid NYC days.  Wonder what I’ll do this time around?  Here’s a few edits, if you too are looking for a furry fashion friend this winter.

furry fashion friend1. Topshop, $130, topshop.com // 2. H&M, $39.95, hm.com // 3. H&M, $29.95, hm.com // 4. Topshop, $178, topshop.com

images via laetitia et son dressing, they all hate us, bazaar

“throw a scarf on it”

final photoIn a Portlandia episode spoofing me – we’d be “throwing a scarf on it” rather than “putting a bird on it” (this is a must view!).  Everyone’s got their thing and scarves are mine.  Most days if you don’t see it draped around my neck – you’ll find one in my handbag ready to pull out at a moment’s notice.  They’re one of my all time favorite accessories and with the recent hint of cooler temperatures, I can barely contain my excitement.  Cozier fabrics, rich colors and fresh prints are on the horizon.  In the photo above I wear a 70’s vintage hand-me-down via mama Greenstein, but I recently scooped up this one from Zara as a trendy alternative.  Scarves fulfill both fashion and function objectives adding personality to your overall look while keeping you warm and toasty.  If you live in warmer climate, opt for light fabrics like cotton or silk.  I’m sure you already have one (or many!) from last season, but in case you need a refresher…

put a scarf on it

1. Zara, $35.90, zara.com // 2. Maxmara Studio, $250, matchesfashion.com // 3. Pendleton, Portland Collection, $118, shopbop.com // 4. Zara, $35.90, zara.com // 5. Aritzia, $60, aritzia.com // 6. Topshop, $36, topshop.com

gray days

e42a18a6d5ffcf22835c78e92b354293Hello and happy Monday!  Lately comfortable fashion choices have been ruling the roost for me, demonstrated via my instagram feed here and here.  Working from home doesn’t always warrant getting dressed up, but I still want to feel pulled together!  The above look is too easy not to replicate, swapping out the booties for flats when necessary while still maintaining an effortless, relaxed and totally cool look.  And here’s the real kicker – grey is versatile so these pieces can be worn with a myriad of items already hanging in your closet.  Shop similar here…

  1. Illesteva sunnies, $165, net-a-porter.com
  2. Topshop knit top, $70, topshop.com
  3. J.Crew andie chino, $89.50, jcrew.com
  4. Nine West maggie bootie, $129, ninewest.com

photo via les nouvelles


irina lakicevic irina lakicevicIMG_5115Now that fall is here it means winter is just around the corner.  I’ve been on the hunt for a new coat to update my beloved classic H&M one that I’ve had for a bazillion years.  Between lost buttons, rips in the lining and major pilling,  it’s time for a refresher.  Since it was worn it to death, I can justify making the investment into one I’ve been coveting with intentions of endless wearability.  Outerwear is one of those items worth spending a few extra bucks on because you want it to go the distance.  I keep revisiting the By Malene Birger cocoon style shown above on Irina Lakicevic from fashion blog A Portable Package.  Irina wears it in pink which I’m inspired by despite my aversion to color, but I’ll go for black (better for the budget) since it’s versatile and has longevity.  Besides, I can always pop in the trending color pink like such…

malene birger coat

1. Topshop knit jumper, $60, topshop.com // 2. Paige distressed denim, $230, net-a-porter.com // 3. Zara check scarf, $39.90, zara.com // 4. J.Crew necklace, $150, jcrew.com // 5. Cambridge satchel, $140, shopbop.com // 6. By Malene Birger bugsy coat, $830.58, farfetch.com // 7. H&M leather gloves, $29.95, hm.com // 8. Zara ankle bootie, $99, zara.com

photos via a portable package

rising to the top


New York fashion week has come and gone and I’m still playing catch up.  So much goodness for Spring/Summer 2014, especially the color white which is trending in a big, bad way.  London fashion week is now in full bloom and this past weekend was UK brand Topshop Unique’s show.  The great thing about Topshop is that the clothing is moderately priced, giving us all access to fashion’s best!  I remember studying abroad in London almost fifteen years ago (whoa!) and feeling like I struck gold when I stumbled into this store.  Like other collections, Topshop incorporated a capsule of white, but what got me super excited were the purples, blues and green tones and as Style.com put it, “acres of naked back”.  I’m a sucker for anything backless and believe it to be one of the sexier parts on a woman’s body.  Since not all of us are blessed to go braless (me, for one) – this adhesive tape by Braza will help keep the girls in place so you can embrace the plunging silhouette.  I swear by it.  Topshop has four locations in the states – NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles and Las Vegas, is sold at select Nordstrom’s and is available online for global shipping.  

Here’s a look at some of my favorites from Topshop’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection!  Happy Monday!  xx jenny

MARC0069.450x675 MARC0359.450x675 MARC0141.450x675 MARC0284.450x675MARC0392.450x675photos via style.com