sustainable style


For the past few years, especially since launching Your Soul Style, part of my styling mission was (and is) to raise awareness about a brands comittment to social responsibility. I believe that style investments should go deeper than a cool, new look. I left my corporate career to start a business that provides fashion with purpose. Whether it’s about aligning both the inner and outer self, or becoming conscious about a brands sustainbility, Style From the Inside Out includes being mindful about where you spend, brands you stand behind, what you wear and becoming empowered by the very idea that your personal belief system should come through in how you represent yourself. I’ve spotlighted brands like Tribe Alive, Hands Producing Hope, Sseko, Sudara, Base RangeAduzadMaya Traditions, Truss, and Reformation, but have discovered many this past year I’m eager to share.

I recently learned about Voz after scooping up a piece in a local boutique. “Voz is an ethical luxury fashion company whose mission is to protect the livelihoods, well-being, and cultural values of rural indigenous women globally. Founded in 2012 by Jasmine Aarons, Voz honors and empowers artisans creatively, economically and culturally through a collaborative business model that showcases, preserves, and supports traditional art forms. [The brand] works in collaboration with politically and economically marginalized women to create beautiful fashion collections and to provide design leadership, training, and opportunity for indigenous women in the rural regions where they reside.” Not only is Voz’s cause something I feel connected to emotionally, but stylistically their design is on point. I just added this to my personal collection, and am coveting this fall/winter collection skirt and this double layer cami dress (which I would layer under a cute t-shirt or long sleeve turtleneck). Head on over to the site, and check it out for yourself.

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