WRNY: 3rd trimester styling

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I’ve been writing for Well Rounded for quite some time, but recently came on board as their Fashion Editor! That said, I’ll be showing up around those neck of the woods more often, and offering even more styling tips for all you mamas and mama’s to be. I’ll co-run the posts here and link to them so in case you missed it over there, you can catch it here. Last week, I covered 3rd trimester styling tips which I know can be a challenge. Head on over here to check out.

weekly finds: third trimester sandals

jenny greenstein

Every single one of my friends who have been through a pregnancy think I’m insane when they notice the footwear choices I am making in my third trimester. Yes, it’s true, perhaps sandals without support is not the best option when carrying an extra 30+ lbs. of baby weight. The advice is to put fashion on the back burner and focus on comfort, and while I totally respect and understand that perspective, if you know me (and some of you definitely do!), I believe in taking both into consideration. Always! When Well Rounded NY pitched me a story idea on ‘Third Trimester Sandals’, I was ready to take on the challenge to source styles that fulfilled both fashion and comfort functions. So hop to it, and head on over to Well Rounded NY to check out my picks!

style the bump: 30 weeks

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This Style The Bump feature post is dedicated to a recently published interview that Well Rounded NY did on me and my postpartum styling services! In this article, I break it down and discuss the impact of personal style through the postpartum period, what my style coaching services entail and how to empower yourself both emotionally and physically after such a dramatic life shift! Personal style is typically one of the behaviors that winds up suffering the most, as many don’t feel it is a priority to worry about “what to wear” when they have a newborn to tend to. Closets become neglected, and women rely on wearing the “same old thing” daily to be both comfortable and easy. Unfortunately this starts a downward spiral into compromised self-esteem. Many of my clients reach out to me when their baby is 6 months to 1-year-old, recognizing they have a closet full of either maternity clothes, items that don’t fit, or a pre-pregnancy wardrobe that hasn’t been updated in 2 years. Plus, many women are still not back to their ‘old body.’

I’ve worked with women in this predicament for some time, but now that I’m going through the experience myself, it has opened up a whole new relatable perspective. I’ve been sharing my styling tips and techniques along the way on Your Soul Style, but a personal session will give you the one-on-one support you need to come back to life, and become your best self in order to be a strong role model for your children. Together we discover what works on an individual basis, and this is where women start to become empowered by their own choices and feel confident in them.

Click on over to Well Rounded NY to learn more about what I have to say….

jenny greenstein jenny greenstein jenny greenstein