beyond mom x yss closet cleanse

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Beyond Mom is a platform that creates community amongst women and mothers. While it’s easy to lose ourselves once baby arrives and get lost in this life-changing new role, Randi Zinn, founder, emphasizes paying attention to ourselves and embracing individual sensibilities outside of motherhood, whether it be as entrepreneurs, business women, creators, thinkers, friends and more. Through special events, podcasts, retreats, interviews, and speaking engagements, Randi’s initiatives bring us back to who we are at our core. Life doesn’t stop once we have children, and there is so much more beyond!

jenny greenstein

Randi recently gave birth to her second baby, Zarah, and called upon me for a Postnatal Closet Cleanse to detox and rebuild a new post-pregnancy wardrobe. “True to her own brand’s philosophy, going “beyond mom”, means paying attention to emotional health and well-being, and this includes how we show up. Even though physical change continues months post birth, we shouldn’t neglect day-to-day personal style.” Take a peek at the rest of my write-up of her cleanse over on Beyond Mom, plus a one-on-one interview of Randi’s take on personal style and how that fits into her life as mama of two.

Full piece over here.

fall cleanse


I am in a constant state of cleansing my closet, especially now with Vida. Aside from limited space in our apartment, I don’t have energy for clutter or excess. Things must be simple and organized. I can’t wake up each day, sifting through the whole of my wardrobe to find an outfit that makes sense. I don’t have that kind of disposable time anymore. And I assume some of you (whether a mama or not) don’t either. We americans consume too much (guilty!). Culturally speaking, we have been programmed to believe that more equals better, and nothing is ever enough. Consumerism (and capitalism) at it’s finest. But what about our environmental (and social) responsibility to create less stuff? Do you know that there is a ‘garbage island’ in the middle of the Pacific that experts believe is twice the size of Texas? Watch the documentary Plastic Paradise if you don’t believe me. The fashion industry is one of the biggest offenders which a gal I follow on instagram reminded me of, so while I try to personally impact change (work in progress over here), I share this philosophy with my clients too: to make wiser purchases, buy less, invest in pieces with longevity and be responsbile with which brands we get behind. It’s hard to give up some of the fast fashion brands I’ve been attached to for so long. But I’m trying, and taking the appropriate steps to clean up this world for Vida and the generations that follow. Who’s with me?

That all said, the Fall/Winter season is basically here, and just like we typically do in Spring, cleansing is key. So let me help you get your closet ready with a Closet Cleanse (details here!) to detox the excess, create a new baseline and offer up suggestions on where to donate/consign so someone else can enjoy your worn clothes so they don’t wind up in some floating garbage pile in the middle of our ocean. Let’s work together on making smarter purchases now and for the future. Hit me up at to schedule your session. I can’t wait to hear from you. xx

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new service: style my closet!

jenny greenstein

August is here, and if your e-mail is anything like mine – the inbox is being infiltrated with both ‘Summer Sale’ alerts and ‘New Arrivals’ for Fall. That said, it’s time to get our closets in order for the season ahead. This past Spring I did a soft launch with some of my existing clients of a new service that I’m really excited to tell you about called ‘ STYLE MY CLOSET‘! It was such a huge success that I’ll be rolling it out and offering to all of you!

It works like so: while I realize it’s difficult (and expensive!) to shop for newness each season, there IS a cost effective way to re-work your closet so it feels like you’ve gained a completely new wardrobe from what already exists. No money spent. No more excess to add to the already overflowing assortment. Both sustainable and price conscious. MAJOR WIN! We typically get stuck in our getting-dressed routines, and it’s hard to step back and view your wardrobe from a fresh perspective with innovative ideas. So this is where I step in, as your trusty Personal Stylist, styling new head-to-toe looks for you with what’s already on hand! You won’t be spending a dime on new clothes, will be decreasing your carbon foot print, AND after I leave will feel like you just went shopping. The ‘STYLE MY CLOSET‘ service includes the following:

  • Styling Evaluation to plan seasonal wardrobe
  • 2 OR 4-hour at-home Styling Session
  • Photographs of all head-to-toe looks
  • Personal Style Guide which includes all of your seasonal looks
  • Curated Shopping List (if you want to purchase any new pieces)

Head over to the services page for rates and details, and contact me @ to get ahead of the game and book your appointment today. I look forward to seeing you soon!

interview: mitera

jenny greenstein

During my pregnancy I met Yoko Shimada – founder of Mitera, a motherhood centric brand for pre/postnatal life, specifically during breastfeeding. I joined Yoko, and the Mitera team as their on-site stylist for the Biggest Baby Shower event here in NYC, and at at 37 weeks featured the Grace dress in a ‘Style The Bump‘ post which to date is still one of my favorites of that series. That said, once Vida arrived I was excited to get back into the dress, utilizing the features and benefits of the hidden zipper for breastfeeding. I told Yoko in a current interview with the brand that when I wear the dress, ‘I feel like a breastfeeding Greek goddess in it’. The rest of the Q&A digs a bit deeper where I chat about my pregnancy, motherhood and breastfeeding journey, what parenting feels like from the perspective of a same-sex couple and my wish for Vida as she grows up. Click over to Mitera’s blog to read the full feature, and be sure to hit the shop tab on their site to peruse the beautiful collection.

jenny greenstein

jenny greenstein

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interview: not so private parts

jenny greenstein

When Brandi Sellerz, founder of Not So Private Parts reached out and asked if I’d be open to an interview, I didn’t have to think twice before saying, ‘Yes!’. Not So Private Parts, ‘a lifestyle blog centered around removing the shame and stigma surrounding women’s issues’, is a platform that welcomes openness and being raw. After suffering a miscarriage herself, Brandi felt that there were limited resources for support and recognized that some of the greatest challenges we face as women were being politely swept under the rug. She wanted to start a bigger conversation, and create a community that welcomed this honesty. Brandi’s hope for Not So Private Parts is that women find a safe place to share experiences in their journey through this beautiful space called womanhood. I’ve been interviewed a number of times since launching Your Soul Style but in the true nature of Not so Private Parts I went deep. When asked if I’ve always posessed a positive body image, here’s what I had to say…

It’s still a journey. I’ve come to appreciate the power of my body, especially since pregnancy and giving birth, but still have moments where I need to remind myself about embracing what’s been given to me. Having a positive self-image is critical since the amount of information we have access to and consume can trip us up. But it must start at the core and foundation. How we see ourselves is directly related to how our parents see themselves so the building blocks begin the minute we enter the world. We are products of the people that raise us and children look to their parents first and foremost for validation in who they are. So if your parent(s) has a compromised self-esteem, a child will see that in themselves. I am so super mindful with Vida, especially since she’s a girl and societal pressures run deep. Her foundation needs to be rock solid so when the branches of life start swinging at her, she has the tools to hold steady. Think of it like this: my hair is naturally curly but for a time I was blowing it straight. I decided to stop because although it seems harmless, if Vida has curly hair and Mama doesn’t like her own hair curly, how will she internalize that? She may start to have a negative association with her naturalness. It’s important for me to embrace myself as I am so that Vida will learn to do the same. Through her lens, she is an extension of me so my demonstration of self-love, empowerment and self-esteem is fundamental to secure her own development.

If you’d like to check out the full interview, head over to Brandi’s beautiful site, where I also offer postpartum style tips, how I take time to breathe in my own oxygen, and my must-have items if I was trapped on a deserted island.

Click here to read the full interview…