mamahood essentials: booker coat

jenny greenstein

Vida was born in July which made it easy to get her in and out of the Solly wrap or Ergo. She’s a little fuss bunny when layering up which I’m convinced is because she’s a summer baby and those first few months were a cake walk when it came to getting dressed. Pop on a sleeveless onesie, and we were good to go. That said, we still like to be out and about exploring together, and to make that possible on cold NYC days we wear the B & Me Booker coat which is one of the best mamahood inventions ever, keeping Vida cozy as we galavant around our favorite city.

Founder Sarah Clark, created the Booker Coat so that mamas, papas or whomever can wear their baby and simultaneously keep them covered and warm. It can be worn as is, or layered underneath another coat (like I wear here). I love giving Vida the opportunity to engage with her surroundings and sometimes the stroller can be limiting. Having her at eye level creates a more engaging experience for both of us. Plus, she’s just the cutest accessory around.

Sarah did a little Q&A with me which if you’d like, can check out over on her instagram. Super honored for the feature. And for all you new mamas out there, take a peak at the B & Me site, and don’t miss out on scooping up a coat for you and your little.

jenny greenstein jenny greenstein jenny greenstein jenny greenstein