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Hello and happy week. I hope it’s a good one. Mine seems to be quite productive since I’ve started to tip toe my way back to work. I’ll be announcing my official return soon but am trying to routinely post again, and on Thursday I’ll be attending my first event since June. Hosted by Latham Thomas from Mama Glow and Mitera, the event is focused on ‘Business, Babies & Breastfeeding’ which couldn’t be a more appropriate conversation for me to participate in. I’ll be bringing Vida along too. This whole work/life/new mom balance thing is tough. Since I’m the type of gal who likes to be present and 100%  focused, it’s been challenging to get sh*t done while Vida occupies the entirety of my mind. I expected to be back sooner, but this babe has gotten all of me. And I’ve absolutely loved and appreciated every second of it. It’s only now that I’m just starting to dabble back into work again. I know I’m not alone here, and expect to eventually find my groove, but do accept the process of finding my new normal. I’m grateful for the opportunity to ease back in slow. These past three months have been surreal and dream-like, and expanded my heart a billion times. It’s insane how quickly time has gone by. I feel like I was just prego! While I realize as we enter growth spurt number 357 and the teething phase that baby girl is growing up fast, I’m holding on tight to every last moment. For the part of me that is compelled to be full throttle at work, the other half says chill the f*ck out and be in the here and now. And so I shall.

Jenny_Dina_Vida-30 vida rose vida rose

In an effort to freeze these precious moments, I decided to document them via a mini photoshoot with my friend and photographer Lori Berkowitz. Dina who hates having her photo taken went down kicking and screaming, but is obviously psyched to have the prints (you’re welcome boo!). Vida was a little over it at first too, but after 10 minutes of kvetching became a pro. I’m super happy with how the photos came out and can’t wait to get a few up in frames. If you follow me on instagram, you know how much I appreciate a good snap. I can’t thank Lori enough, who also took my maternity photos and who I partnered with on a ‘Bumps and Babes‘ collaboration where I shared maternity styling tips. She too just had a babe a month after me. Lori has been a key part in documenting our journey and I’m so grateful to her for capturing such intimate and memorable moments that I’ll cherish forever.

vida rose vida rose vida rose

I’m looking forward to sharing so much more with you all, and promise to cover content outside of mommy-hood and babies. For now though, it’s what I got. I’m hoping to be back here next week with a style post sharing style tips I’ve learned while breastfeeding (a whole new area of exploration!), but in the meantime, some faves from our shoot.

Cheers to hump day, babies and finding balance! xx

vida rose vida rose vida rose

For all photoshoot inquires, reach out and get in touch with Lori directly!

yss x bumps & babes collaboration

jenny greenstein

It’s no secret that I have enjoyed documenting my journey throughout this pregnancy. Be it through Style The Bump weekly posts, at-home photos to note belly progress or moments I’ve shared on instagram, I have in my possession once-in-a-lifetime content which has covered this experience. I knew early on that I wanted this for a few reasons: to share with my daughter and show her how she came to be in this world, to communicate and teach style tips along the way using myself as an example, and to embrace my femininity and the empowering road to motherhood. Pregnancy was a carefully constructed decision for Dina and I and once we conceived I knew I wanted to preserve as much as I could. That said, when Lori Berkowitz, NYC-based photographer reached out and asked to collaborate on a Bumps and Babes x YSS project, I was excited, open and eager to learn more. Slightly hesitant about stripping down for an intimate series of photos, I started to examine how I felt within my changing shape and came to the conclusion that I am more confident and empowered now than I’ve ever been. Extra weight and all. There is something about being pregnant that has helped me to embrace the naturalness of the human body and how beautiful it is. Especially while creating life. Is there anything more empowering than that? I have never felt stronger, more connected and rooted in my physical form. If there was ever a time to capture a moment, that moment is now.

So I agreed, and Lori and I had a photo session and simultaneously created the below video where I described what this experience has been like for me. It’s a whole new visual perspective of myself. And one that I will never be able to re-do. This babe and I are joined together for a limited time only, and while 9 months seems like a long stretch, this moment has moved fast. I am so grateful to have documented this journey and I will cherish these photos for the rest of my life.

jenny greenstein

Click here to view the video if you are an e-mail subscriber! 

With all this said, Lori officially launches Bumps and Babes TODAY!  You can choose from her “Bump Love Package” which includes 6 private photo sessions of either your bump or babe (or both!), with 6 custom albums, prints, an online gallery and more! Or choose an individual session. Lori was an absolute joy to work with, and while her level of professionalism was on point, her soft and inviting nature kept me at ease in front of the lens. Be sure to head over to her site to check out the details and book your appointment now! As an add-on to the Bumps and Babes maternity session, my styling services are available as well. This is not included in the package, but contact me directly at for pricing details. I can be there to help you plan, get ready and ensure you not only look and feel you best, but show up as your full and authentic self. I can’t think of a better opportunity to be ‘naked’.

jenny greenstein

 photos via lori berkowitz