i’m loving…

Baseball caps – a serious trend hitting the streets.  I’m looking for a cheap one because I know this is going to last 10 seconds.  Keep you posted.  *photo credit* pinterest.com




If you’re like me, sometimes you need a little reminder that achievement comes with hard work.  Although I’d like someone to hand over opportunity on a silver platter (yes, I said it!) – rewarding output comes from the work you put in.  You get what you give so if you want it – give it your all.  *photo credit* pinterest.com


Beyonce’s “Life is But a Dream” documentary on HBO is killer.  I cried, was inspired, felt understood, related to and was entertained all at once.  She is a beaut – from her core.  Check it out. *photo credit* pinterest.com


Leather sweatpants are genius – I’m coveting them this week and once I find the most ideal pair, I will certainly let you know.  Leather ain’t going nowhere next fall.  Stay tuned.   *photo credit* pinterest.com



Happy Wednesday!